Javier Murcia his new artwork The Voyage

We present to you the new amazing work of Javier Murcia named the 'The Voyage', with the collaboration of the great artist James Molnar in the designs of the Maori art depicted in the sculptures. 


''Before doing the very first sketch, I worked on this idea for a while, trying to capture the essence of its symbolic meaning combined with an attractive technique, to create an unique artwork that makes a difference in New-Zealand.''


Epoxy crystal clear resin. The aesthetic and clean appeal of the material is inviting you into contemplation. The translucent nature coupled with the light traveling through it, allows you to not only absorb the outline of the sculpture but to discover what's inside, offering a visual game between its positive and negative space. 


Carved on the surface, it is possible to see the object turning into a Waka. This is a Waka Taua, the most representative canoe in Maori culture, used in the past for war and now as a ceremonial Waka. Carved on the surface, the canoe shows the individual character of its Iwi (tribe). The positive space, the outer form of the sculpture, symbolises the abstract unified landscape of the New Zealand. The negative space, the inside, reveals another symbolic sculpture. 




February 8, 2022
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